Getting Started with Ceedling [1/3] - Creating a new project

Note: To follow along here, you'll need to install Ceedling first. If you need help installing Ceedling check out my installation guides, either for Windows or Linux.

This is the first of a three video series to show how to quickly get started with Ceedling for test driven development in C -- by test driving a simple "FizzBuzz" example.

In this video we introduce our example problem, create Ceedling project, create a source code module and look at how to run the tests (spoiler: it's all pretty easy!).

In the next video, we'll test drive the implementation of our FizzBuzz source code module.


Want more complicated examples?

FizzBuzz is fun and all, but how about temperature sensors?

Get more examples using Ceedling for test-driven development in my downloadable "how to" guide.

Get it here.