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Hi, I'm Matt Chernosky. I'm an embedded software developer on a mission to help you create better software.

What is test-first embedded software? Well, it's the idea that we want to think about how we're going to test our applications before we write them. How do we know we did it right if we can't test it? How do we know it was done at all? Thinking about testing first lets us be smarter with how we test. We can avoid ad-hoc testing approaches and use automation to save us time... and our sanity.

I've been writing embedded software for quite a while now, and I think we can do better. The software industry as a whole has been advancing rapidly, but embedded software is lagging behind. I want to help embedded developers who might be struggling with the same old problems.

I have a particular interest in test-driven development, since I think it can help us dramatically improve embedded software. Some people think this is difficult (or impossible!) in embedded, but I'm committed to making it easier.

I'm also interested in the business of embedded software development. Software doesn't exist on its own -- it needs customers to live. Making those customers happy is critical, and the best way to do that is to continuously deliver quality software.

Hey, did that sound "agile?" Good, because to create great software and products that our customers love... we need to work closely with them and get continuous feedback. This also means we need automated builds and continuous integration. All this can be done with embedded software.

Are you interested in working together?

I am available for a few limited consulting engagements. Send me your contact info below to discuss how I can help you make your customers happier and your developers more productive.

Examples of things I can help you with:

  • Automating builds and unit tests.
  • New project setup.
  • Improving legacy code.
  • Adding tests to legacy code.
  • Continuous integration and delivery.
  • Becoming more agile.
  • Architecture, design and code reviews.