Getting Started with Ceedling [3/3] - Building a release binary

This is the third of a three video series to show how to quickly get started with Ceedling for test driven development in C -- by test driving a simple "FizzBuzz" example.

In the previous video we test drove a simple example -- writing the tests along with the code.

In this video we look at how to use Ceedling to build a release binary (it's pretty easy!).

In this example we used native GCC to compile for our host platform, but you can could the release_compiler setting in the project.yml file to compile for whatever target you want.

I hope you enjoyed this quick intoduction to test-driving embedded software with Ceedling. If you're new to unit testing or test driven developement, Ceedling is a really great way to get started. In just a few minutes we were able to create a new project and develop a high quality, well-tested FizzBuzz implementation.