Toolkit - Unit Testing in Code Composer Studio with Ceedling

Don't want to run unit test tools from the command line, when you've got this fancy IDE that you use for everything else? Well, I've created a toolkit that lets you use Ceedling from right inside Code Composer Studio.

With this toolkit, you'll be able to do all of these tasks without leaving the IDE... just with a click (key) or two:

  • Run and view test results, with integrated, nicely formatted output.
  • Click on test failures errors to jump right to the line in the source where the failure occurred.
  • Run all the tests or just the tests for module that you're working on.
  • Navigate between source and test files.
  • Create and delete modules.
  • Clean the test build.
  • Insert new tests from templates with just a few keystrokes.
  • Handy templates for inserting all those TEST_ASSERT macros, so they take fewer keystrokes to use.

What you get:

  • A 41-page setup manual to show you how to configure your IDE and your project to use Ceedling (it's got step-by-step instructions and tons of pictures).
  • Configuration files that make all this setup a bit easier.

Things to note:

  • This toolkit is for host-based testing (what you should start with anyway!) not for on-target testing.
  • This toolkit is designed for use on Windows systems.

Get the toolkit for integrating Ceedling with Code Composer Studio

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Download the Toolkit Now

Note that this toolkit doesn't include instructions on how Ceedling works... just how to use all the important stuff right from your IDE. If you need help using Ceedling, my Field Manual for Ceedling book can help. Buy the toolkit and the field manual (with all the code examples) together and save a few dollars:

Get the toolkit + A Field Manual for Ceedling (with Code Examples)

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Download the ToolKit + Ceedling Book (with examples) Now

Any questions? Just ask me at